Trusted, Proven General Counsel on Your Team

Veteran Corporate Lawyer Helping You Achieve Your Goals

As a small to medium business owner ($10M to $250M in revenues), you understand that the success or failure of your company rests on your shoulders. Every decision you make can result in far reaching and unexpected results down the line.

When faced with business opportunities or legal challenges that could affect the future of your firm, it’s important that you consult with experienced corporate attorneys, such as Chris Adishian at Adishian Law Group.

Advising, Protecting and Scaling Small to Medium Sized Business

We serve as the general counsel for many of our privately held, market leading clients, handling all of the day to day legal issues facing these firms. We also represent a wide range of clients on a case by case basis from a wide range of industries.

Whether you are looking for a firm to run your entire legal department or or an attorney to lead a major transaction or some other legal issues your firm is struggling to manage, we have experienced attorneys to help you and your firm. Leave the legal to us, so you can get back to running your business. Call us today to start a conversation.


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