Company Handbooks

A great way to help set company culture and aid with the employer-employee relationship.

Company Handbooks are one of the best tools to help establish company culture, communicate company policy and manager the employer-employee relationships.  Unfortunately, they are also one of the most overlooked tools.

California is a truly unique state when it comes to employment law, and it seems like the law changes all the time.   For companies operating in California, or with California employees, we believe it is essential for any employer with more than a handful of employees to keep and maintain a company handbook.

Can Company Handbooks Prevent Litigation?

Unfortunately, almost nothing 100% guarantee to prevent litigation.  However, properly drafted Company Handbooks can drastically reduce the risk of litigation being filed and also reduce the company’s liability exposure from litigation.  They can also serve as great evidence in employment litigation where company policies were clearly set forth in writing and clearly violated.

Do Company Handbooks cost a lot?

No compared to the amount of time, money and aggravation a good Company handbook can save the Company.  While it seems hard to quantify the savings for litigation or employment disputes avoided, our experience is that company handbooks are a core part of best practice of any company.  Adishian Law offers a flat rate to create your company handbook and a smaller flat rate to maintain it annually.  When compared to potential costs and losses avoided, Company handbooks are very inexpensive and valuable.

We need a handbook! How do we contact Adishian Law?

It is easy.

If you would like to have us create or update your company handbook, please call us or simply submit your contact information through the web link below.

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Represented Plaintiff, a minority shareholder and former senior level employee of very successful privately-held company, in dispute alleging wrongful termination and corporate claims.


Settled low to mid 6 figures


3 months


Attorney to attorney negotiation

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