Conflict is part of the competitive business world….and so is resolution.

We can negotiate business settlement agreements at any stage of a dispute.  Conflict is part of life and part of the competitive business world.  Yes, we’ve litigated – a lot and against some of the biggest corporations on the planet.  However, it is critical to remember that litigation is NOT your business.

“Is there a way to settle before filing a lawsuit?

Yes, business settlement agreements resolved many disputes prior to litigation, through informal or formal mediation and negotiation.  Even after a party files a Complaint in Court the overwhelming majority of never make it to trial.  Some estimates are that 99.5% of disputes do NOT go to trial. What happens?  The parties reach a business settlement agreement.  Of course, some people just like to fight, and for those few, we’re happy to advise and guide our clients.  However, for the overwhelming majority of disputes entering the legal system, reaching a settlement — a fair, reasonable, full-value settlement that factors in the time-value of money and litigation risk — sooner rather than later is in the best interests of the parties.

“This dispute is wasting a ton of time and money? Can you help?”

Chris Adishian and Adishian Law Group have a well-earned reputation throughout the State of California for being exceptional settlement attorneys.  Chris earned his degree in Mathematical Economics at Berkeley with a Minor in Business Administration from Haas School of Business. We invite you to get to know Chris Adishian by reviewing his biography.

To be clear, by “settlement” we don’t mean folding, walking away or accepting pennies on the dollar.  We mean a settlement that gives fair, reasonable, full-value to the parties’ claims and defenses factoring in the time-value of money and litigation risk; a settlement that allows everyone to move forward with their business rather than continue to litigate.  Not everyone is good at it.

In fact, we have taken on a number of clients whose prior attorneys were unable to generate any value for the client’s claim, or actually told the client that they were simply “out of luck” or simply we’re mired in a seemingly pointless, endless, distracting conflict.

What does a business settlement agreement look like?

Settlement typically takes the form of retaining our firm to advocate on your or your Company’s behalf to negotiate a resolution of the dispute at issue.  We cannot promise of course that it will always work — see above, some people like to fight — however, we have been successful in many instances large and small in resolving matters without all without the fees, costs, risk and time associated with litigation.

How do we contact Chris Adishian at Adishian Law?

It is easy.

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Represented Acquiring Company in breach of warranty and representation suit against Seller.


Settled low 6 figures


14 months


Attorney to attorney negotiation during litigation

Represented acquiring company as general counsel at post-merger mediation to resolve transaction dispute, employee issues and distribution agreements.


Settled mid 6 figures


Settled without litigation via mediation

Represented female Plaintiff who was the largest minority shareholder, former board member and former officer of very successful privately held corporation in litigation alleging wrongful termination and corporate claims.


Settled low to mid 6 figures


2 years


Settled during litigation


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