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Employee Settlement Agreements

PRACTICE AREA | EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMEE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENTS Litigation is not a long term career path, nor a long term employer strategy. We negotiate a lot of employee settlement agreements. Conflict is part of life and part of the employer-employee relationship.  However, it is critical to remember that litigation is NOT a career path, and it Read More

Real Estate Settlement Agreements

PRACTICE AREA | REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENTS The overwhelming majority of complaints filed resolve before trial. How do a get to a real estate settlement agreement? Yes, we litigate against some of the biggest corporations on the planet. Conflict is part of life and part of the competitive marketplace. However, it is critical Read More

Business Settlement Agreements

PRACTICE AREA | BUSINESS BUSINESS SETTLEMENT AGREEMENTS Conflict is part of the competitive business world….and so is resolution. We can negotiate business settlement agreements at any stage of a dispute.  Conflict is part of life and part of the competitive business world.  Yes, we've litigated - a lot and against some of the biggest corporations Read More

California Non-Compete Agreements, Revisited

In this latest installment, we revisit the topic of California non-competition agreements (also referred to as California non-compete agreements).  This time the focus is on California Business and Professions Code 16600. In the recent case of Golden v. Cal. Emergency Physicians (9th Cir. 12-16514 4/8/15), the 9th Circuit revisited California’s stark prohibition against non-competition agreements Read More


PRACTICE AREA | BUSINESS CONTRACTS Our firm negotiates and drafts all form of business contracts from basic to highly complex. Contracts are the foundation of the modern American economy. Fundamentally, contracts are about the basic terms under which the parties will conduct business.  Less obvious is that they are about risk allocation. How can Adishian Read More

General Counsel

PRACTICE AREA | BUSINESS GENERAL COUNSEL As general counsel we are business-minded, legal generalists who create actionable solutions for our clients. Does your company need a general counsel? As general counsel we serve as the Single Point of Contact for all our clients' legal needs.  By hiring our firm as outside general counsel to manage Read More

California 2020: Employee v. Independent Contractors, Wage and Hour, Arbitration, Discrimination and more

Areas of Law:  This newsletter touches on several intertwined areas of business and employment law that are impacted by California’s new laws:  (1)  Employee v. Independent Contractor plus Wage and Hour; (2) Arbitration; (3) Discrimination and (4) Other areas.  Why it Matters?:  In our opinion, any business — whether it has 5, 50, 500 or 5,000 employees Read More

Legal Update: California 2020

How do businesses navigate the new California laws affecting independent contractors, wage and hour, discrimination and arbitration?  Read on.   Given the many significant changes to California law affecting businesses, this newsletter is longer than usual. Areas of Law:  This newsletter touches on several intertwined areas of business and employment law that are impacted by California’s new laws:  Read More

Chris Adishian Now Available as a Commercial Mediator

Chris Adishian is now available as a Commercial Mediator With a true breadth of experience, including a substantial ongoing general counsel transactional practice, over a decade of litigation representing plaintiffs and defendants throughout California and externships with a United States Federal District Court Judge and a California Supreme Court Justice, Chris Adishian brings a unique Read More


PRACTICE AREA | EMPLOYMENT EXPERT CALIFORNIA EMPLOYMENT LAWYERS TO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS Get One of California’s Top Employment Lawyers On Your Side Adishian Law Group' employment lawyers represent employees and employers statewide in resolving employment related claims. This representation includes attorney-negotiated settlements, pre-litigation, mediation and litigation in California state and federal court. Our emphasis is Read More