Litigation Management

We provide leadership, management and administrative structure for the litigation from filing until resolution.

What is litigation management?

Litigation management is a common role for the general counsel and in-house lawyers at large corporations.  Litigation management by the general counsel provides leadership, administrative structure, specialized expertise and experiential knowledge for the litigation life cycle.

Our service provides the critically important litigation management role to substantial business enterprises, high net-worth or ultra-high net worth clients who suddenly find themselves in litigation.

For many cases facing business or wealthy individuals, you will be appointed an attorney (or team of attorneys) by your insurance company if you have insurance.   If you do not have insurance, then you will have to scramble to find trusted, competent litigation counsel.   In either situation, you likely will have no prior relationship history with the attorney.

In these situations, our litigation management services can be of tremendous value.

“Do you litigate the case?”

Our service is that same as a general counsel.  No, we do not litigate the case.  We oversee the litigation of the case by the counsel of record, providing leadership, administrative structure, specialized expertise and experiential knowledge for the litigation life cycle.  The goal is to help the client understand the case at each stage, evaluate the choices and risks and ultimately bring the case to as favorable a resolution as possible as quickly as possible.

How can Adishian Law help?

Once retained, we step into the role of outside general counsel on your behalf to oversee, administer and manage the litigation through regular consultation with litigation counsel.   We participate in all calls with counsel, help translate the legalese, provide our perspective on strategies and tactics and work with litigation counsel to optimize their litigation effectiveness.  This also includes sitting in on mediations along with the client.

A critically important aspect of our service is that we help keep you — the client (either a business leader or individual) out of the day to day litigation as much as possible and free to focus on your business and other goals.

Can Adishian Law manage my specific litigation team?

Yes, if the litigation is in California or Federal Court we can help.

Where can we learn more about Adishian Law Group?

We invite you to meet Chris Adishian.   To see read Adishian Law Group Client testimonials and Peer Reviews by other attorneys, please visit Testimonials.

To see examples of our litigation and transactional work, check out our Case Studies.

How do we contact Adishian Law?

It is easy.

Please take advantage of our FREE online submission or call us today to start a conversation.

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