We designed this frequently asked questions (FAQ page), to provide easy and clear answers to the FAQs we receive on a regular, recurring basis.  We hope this FAQ page and our other navigation tools help you get the information you need quickly and easily.

Who is Chris Adishian?

Please see Chris Adishian’s Professional Biography on this site, and his LinkedIn Profile.

Board Service

Will Chris Adishian sit on our Board?

Chris actively reviews opportunities to serve on Boards of Directors (or Trustees) on a case by case basis.

If you would like to see if Chris is available to sit on your Board, please contact our firm with the following information: (1) a profile of your company (or organization) and its mission; (2) number of meetings per month (3) duration of term and (4) any other relevant information.

Client Referrals To and From Adishian Law Group

Does Adishian Law pay referral fees?

Yes, in accordance with State Bar Rules. Please see the following article about Referral Fees.

How can my firm get on your list of firms that you refer cases to?

Your firm will need to meet the criteria set out in the following article about Referral Fees, and will need to sign our standard referral agreement.

Potential Clients

Do you have Case Studies?

Yes, please click here to see our Case Studies.

Do you have any Testimonials?

Yes, please click here to see our Testimonials.

What is the best way for a potential client to contact your firm?

The best way for a potential client to contact our firm is to Contact Us through our web form.

How do you charge clients for your services?

Our fees vary by engagement and are documented in an engagement letter to our clients prior to undertaking representation. Depending on the work to be performed, we may work on a contingency basis, hourly rate basis, hybrid or flat fee.  For consultations under $1,000, our fees are disclosed and collected in advance when booking the consultation.  If you would like to book a consultation, you can do so here:  Adishian Law Group Appointment Booking Page.

“I submitted a form or left a message. Why won’t you discuss my case with me (either in person or via phone)?”

The answers here apply primarily to prospective clients who have not been referred to us.  The following are several common reasons, and certainly not all the possible reasons, why we may NOT schedule time to talk with you either in person or by phone after you have contacted our firm. We apologize that due to the number of inquiries, we simply are unable to respond to each inquiry.

In some cases, more than one reason will apply.  (NOTE: Many of these reasons also apply to the question “Why won’t you represent me or my company?”):

1.  You are not the potential client or decision maker. We need to talk with the potential client. This website is loaded with free information about our firm which you can provide to the decision maker or potential client (“PC”).

2.  You are already represented by counsel.  If your counsel would like to hire us as a consultant, or agrees with hiring us as a consultant, then we can discuss that arrangement.

3.  Your transaction or legal needs are outside of our practice areas, and we cannot refer you to someone in our trusted network.

4.  We don’t understand your legal needs or legal matter based on the information you submitted.

5.  You did not include your contact information, or you included the incorrect contact information.

6.  You have not paid the consultation retainer.

7.  You are approaching us with an urgent need to have work performed and do not want to sign an engagement letter or pay a retainer.

Retiring Attorneys

Will you buy my law practice?

We do periodically review purchases as they are presented to us. For more information, please see this link about How to Sell Your Law Practice.

Speaking Engagements

Can we have Chris Adishian speak to our group or organization?

Chris Adishian speaks to groups individually, serves on panels and moderates panels on topical legal issues in the areas of business, real estate and employment law.

If your organization would like to have Chris speak or appear on a panel, please include the following information along with your request: (1) Name of organization; (2) Date of event: (3) Location of event; (4) Format of event; (5) Topic and (6) expected duration. Videos of some of Chris’s recent speaking engagements can be seen on the Adishian Law YouTube Channel

Charitable Contributions

What are some of the organizations that you support?

Please see our representative List of Charitable donations.

How do I submit a request for consideration for a donation?

Preferably by regular mail.

Pro Bono Representation

How do I submit a request for pro-bono representation?

Each year we provide a lot of pro-bono hours in the form of free consultations and for many years we have provided free content on the web. If you have a specific pro-bono request, please use our web submission form located on our Contact Us page.

Attorneys and Professional Staff Seeking Employment

How do I apply to work for Adishian Law Group?

Please see our Careers page for the latest information.  Our experience shows that our most successful employees usually contact us seeking a job.  They have done their homework.  They are prepared.  We also often get personal referrals or introductions from a client or trusted member of our network.


How can I become a Vendor to Adishian Law Group?

As a law firm we receive a steady stream of vendor calls, daily, monthly and weekly. If you are interested in pitching your services to us, we often set these meetings for Friday afternoons. Cold calls always go to voice mail.


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