C-Corporations, “S” Corporations and Professional Corporations

We offer a low, flat rate incorporation package for simple corporate formation.  This is usually a one or two shareholder corporation such as a professional services firm or an entity holding real estate.

For larger businesses or business plans, we offer customized competitive fee structures that vary with the complexity of the entity to be formed.

Why create corporate entity?

There are many reasons why a person or group of people want to form a corporation.  Some typical reasons for corporate formation include a desire to receive the limitations on personal liability offered under law, to separate operations from other businesses, to attract investors or to hold real estate.  Sometimes the owners want to convert an existing successful business into a separate business “entity”, and sometimes entrepreneurs are just launching their first business.

Experience with Corporate formations

As of this mid-2023 Chris Adishian and Adishian Law Group have handled formations or maintenance of nearly 200 LLCs or Corporations in California, Nevada and Delaware.

“We’re ready to go.” How do we contact Adishian Law?

It is easy.

If you would like to have us handle your corporate formation, please simply submit your contact information through the web link below or call us.

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Represent Japan-based Welcome Co., Ltd., in formation of U.S. based subsidiary to operate at Japan House Los Angeles, a global initiative of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to promote Japanese culture, art, food, technology, fashion and more ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


Entity Formation

LLC formation for real estate developer's use in acquisition and development.


Formation: LLC

Represented co-founder/key employee in negotiating LLC Ownership Interest, Operating Agreement and Employment Contract for a start-up servicing the hospitality industry.


Formation: LLC




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