“Chris and his team did a great job making sure were protected on all deal points and all on the same page.  He made the process very smooth, expeditious and drama-free! We trusted him as our legal advisor 100%.”
— Jill De Forest, Founder & CEO

Transaction Overview:  Our firm served as exclusive sell-side legal counsel to the owners of De Forest & Associates, Inc. in its exit sale to Talento, Inc.  

Documents and Work: On behalf of our clients, our firm led the legal work on this sale transaction from post LOI and Due Diligence through Closing.  Our work included negotiating, overseeing, reviewing or drafting the following:

  • Deal Structure and timeline
  • Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Transition Services Agreement
  • Security Agreement and UCC filing  
  • Corporate Resolutions
  • Stock Power and 
  • other ancillary agreements

A Word About Our Clients.  We feel it is important spotlight the vision and drive required to build an organization to the point where it is ready for exit.  Our clients had the vision, persistence and creative problem solving to build De Forest Search.  That is a remarkable effort.  Overnight success doesn’t happen overnight.  Without the client’s dream, there is no transaction to report. Here, founder Jill De Forest says it best: 

“I started De Forest Search over 25 years ago with a simple mission — to connect employers with the best possible candidates without the burden of expensive retainers and long hiring cycles.  On this premise, we’ve placed thousands of leaders across every conceivable industry.  While the hiring landscape is ever-changing, we remain a constant in our client’s search strategy.  We’re excited to become part of yours.”  

Choice of Legal Counsel.  Every time a client has a choice to retain legal counsel for an M&A transaction it is often a competitive situation.  With reports showing that entrepreneurs have up to 95% of their net worth tied up in their business, it is easy to understand why these transactions have such critical importance to wealth planning, retirement and legacy.  When clients place their faith in us to assist them with accomplishing their major goals it means a lot to us.  We’re grateful for their trust and confidence, and for the privilege to contribute our skills to their success.  

De Forest Search (www.deforestsearch.com) is focused on working with clients to meet their hiring objectives.  Whether working on a C-level search for a global Fortune 200 company or assisting a venture-backed startup in their recruitment strategy, we approach every engagement with attention, urgency and confidentiality.  It is this approach along with an impressive track record that establishes us as a preeminent global search firm.

At Talento (www.talentohcm.com) our team blends the career expertise of in-house HR Executives alongside proven innovative processional services leadership to deliver world-class human capital solutions to organizations in any state of their business life cycle. This expertise spans continents, functions and industries, bringing broad business acumen and depth to delivery unparalleled customer experiences and results. 

Healthcare Transaction Overview:  In another sale transaction involving a leading California healthcare provider, our firm served as exclusive sell-side legal counsel to the Owner of South Bay Hearing and Balance Center.  We also served as counsel to the Buyer at the request of, and with the written consent of, both the Buyer and Seller. 

Quotes from the Healthcare practice Seller and Buyer:

“I worked with Chris on some employment matters and lease negotiations prior to beginning the process to sell my company. He was always efficient, reliable and most of all, insightful. When it came time to sell my business I immediately turned to Chris for support and counsel. I appreciate Chris’ flexibility and honesty in representing the issues to us. Thank you, Chris, for all that you have done for us.”
— Former Owner & President, South Bay Hearing and Balance Center, Inc.

“Chris and his team modeled professionalism and expertise throughout the transaction.  Ours was a unique situation that Chris handled with the utmost proficiency and personal care.  As a result, all of us at South Bay Hearing are able to continue our legacy of providing the best hearing care available in Southern California to all of our many wonderful patients.  A big thank you to Chris and his team for their personalized approach that made this possible.” 
—  New Owner & CEO, South Bay Hearing and Balance Center, Inc.

Legacy.   With many sales of privately held businesses, “legacy” is often a leading consideration for the selling Owner.  This is especially true with healthcare practices. A business often represents the Seller’s professional life’s work.  Therefore, Sellers often want to sell to a Buyer who (a) shares their same values and (b) will continue to conduct the business to the same standards they have established.  In the public sphere it has been noted that many top performing privately held businesses feel comfortable selling to Berkshire Hathaway because they feel confident that the business will be well run long after the Seller has passed. 

A Record of Award-Winning Healthcare Delivery.   Below are just some of the awards earned by South Bay Hearing and Balance over the years:

  • Best Audiologists of the South Bay in the Daily Breeze Readers’ Poll from 2009 to 2018
  • Board Certified in Audiology by The American Board of Audiology
  • Best of the Beach 2022 by the Easy Reader News
  • Excellence in Audiology
  • Audigy Certified
  • Certified Member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Excellence in Business Award, Palos Verdes Chamber of Commerce 

Documents and Work: On behalf of our clients, our firm led the legal work on the transaction from post Letter of Intent (“LOI”)\Due Diligence through to Closing.  Our work included negotiating, overseeing, reviewing or drafting the following:

  • Deal Structure and Timeline
  • Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Promissory Notes
  • Security Agreements and UCC filings  
  • Corporate Resolutions
  • Stock Power and 
  • Other ancillary agreements

A Word About Clients.  We feel it is important to spotlight the vision and drive required to build an organization to the point where it is ready for exit.  Our clients do that.  South Bay’s founder and CEO had the vision, persistence and creative problem solving to build it into perhaps the largest audiology practice of its kind in Southern California.  That is a remarkable long-term effort.  Overnight success doesn’t happen overnight.  Without the client’s dream and a focus on patient care, there is no transaction to report. 

Choice of Legal Counsel Matters.  Every time a client has a choice to retain legal counsel for an M&A transaction it is often a competitive situation.  With reports showing that entrepreneurs have up to 95% of their net worth tied up in their business, it is easy to understand why these transactions have such importance.  When clients place their faith in us to assist them with accomplishing their major goals it means a lot to us.  We’re grateful for their trust and confidence, and for the privilege to contribute our skills to their success.   Read about our other healthcare transactions by clicking on the following links: Adishian Law Group Serves As Exclusive Sell-Side Counsel to Bay Area Pain Center in Sale to Prospira PainCare and Healthcare M&A: Adishian Law Advises IPM Medical Group in Sale to Private Equity Firm.

At South Bay Hearing (SouthBayHearing.com and MissionAudiology.com) we promise to work closely with you to discover where you are having the most difficulty communicating.  Patients of South Bay Hearing enjoy our state-of-the-art treatment technology, extensive experience, and compassionate approach in providing state-of -the-art care.  Come experience South Bay Hearing and find out for yourself why we consistently receive 5-star reviews from our patients in and around the South Bay of Los Angeles. 

Adishian Law Group is pleased to announce that Healthcare Provider Integrated Pain Management Medical Group, Inc. has completed its sale to a Private Equity buyer. Terms are confidential.

Healthcare Experience and Expertise.  Our firm has developed a strong, niche expertise in healthcare sell-side transactions as well as ongoing outside general counsel work for medical corporations.

Structure is Central to these Transactions.  “Structure” is often a critical consideration for the healthcare acquiror for many reasons:  tax, financing, ROI and compliance with the prohibitions against the corporate practice of medicine to name just a few.  Entity structure and Financing structure (both in terms of overall capitalization stack and the allocation of consideration) are key aspects of these transaction.

Documents and Work: On behalf of our clients, our firm led the legal work on the transaction from post LOI through Due Diligence and Closing.  These transactions are complex.  Our work included negotiating, overseeing, reviewing or drafting the following:

  • Deal Structure and timeline
  • Unit Purchase Agreement
  • New Holding Company
  • Multiple LLC formations (with associated operating agreements)
  • Stock Repurchase Agreements
  • MSA Termination Agreement
  • Sale of non-clinical assets
  • Personal Goodwill Contribution Agreement
  • Administrative Services Agreement
  • Corporate and LLC Resolutions
  • Stock Power
  • Restrictive Covenant Agreement
  • Physical Shareholder Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements and
  • many other ancillary agreements

A Word About Our Clients.  We feel it is important spotlight the vision and drive required to build an organization to the point where it is ready for exit.  Our clients did that. Our clients had the vision, persistence and creative problem solving to build the IPM organization from virtually nothing into perhaps the largest medical group of its kind in Northern California.  That is a remarkable effort.  Overnight success doesn’t happen overnight.  Without the client’s dream, there is no transaction to report.

Choice of Legal Counsel.  Every time a client has a choice to retain legal counsel for an M&A transaction it is often a competitive situation.  When a client places their faith in us to assist them with accomplishing their major goals it means a lot to us.  We’re grateful for their trust and confidence, and for the privilege to contribute our skills to their success.  

IPM Medical Group (ipmdoctors.com) is a leader in cutting edge pain management techniques and rehabilitation programs that set the standard in holistic approaches for managing chronic pain. Its doctors are nationally known experts in the field and are deeply involved in clinical research focused on developing the treatment solutions of tomorrow. With seventeen locations in California and services ranging from advanced interventional pain management procedures and psychological support for functional restoration, IPM’s doctors approach each patient with one goal in mind: to help patients return to normal daily activities.

About Adishian Law Group, P.C

Adishian Law Group is a California law firm with a statewide practice in the areas of Corporate law, Employment law and Real Estate law. Adishianlaw.com is one of the oldest continually operating law firm websites on the Internet. The firm serves its clientele via three offices located in the major business hubs of El Segundo, Palo Alto and San Francisco.

For more information about this transaction, contact Chris Adishian:

Telephone: 310.726.0888 | 650.955.0888 | 415.955.0888
Email: askalg@adishianlaw.com
Social Media: @adishianlaw |  LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube

This blog post is the latest in our running series covering the ongoing battle over Mandatory Arbitration Agreements in Employment.

To recap, On October 10, 2019, California Assembly Bill 51 (“AB 51”) was signed into law, adding Section 432.6 to the California Labor Code. It prohibits California employers from requiring applicants to sign mandatory arbitration agreements as a condition of employment or in exchange for any employment-related benefit. AB 51 also prohibits employers from retaliating against applicants or employees who refuse to sign mandatory arbitration agreements by terminating their employment or taking other retaliatory actions. Under the law, even and an opt out process is still considered a mandatory arbitration agreement. AB 51 does not apply to agreements that have already been signed before January 1, 2020, and only applies to those dated January 1, 2020, or after. Employers who violate the law as drafted could be subject to injunctive relief, lost wages, attorney’s fees, and a violation is considered a misdemeanor under California Labore Code section 433.

AB51’s Ban on Mandatory Arbitration Agreements was immediately challenged in court

In February 2020, Judge Mueller of the Eastern District of California issued a preliminary injunction (as a result of litigation brought by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States and other business groups.  The injunction effectively prevented AB51’s ban on mandatory arbitration from taking effect.  This is where our last article left off.

Between our last article and this article, California appealed……and there was the Covid-19 pandemic.

On September 15, 2021, a three judge Ninth Circuit panel held in a split decision that AB 51 is not fully preempted by the Federal Arbitration Act. In the panel’s decision in U.S. Chamber of Commerce et al. v. Rob Bonta et al., case number 20-15291, Judge Fletcher joined Judge Lucero’s majority opinion which concluded that the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”) doesn’t preclude arbitration agreements, but merely requires that arbitration agreements between workers and their employers be entered into voluntarily and consensually. Additionally, the panel ruled that the civil and criminal penalties associated with AB 51 “stand as an obstacle to the purpose of the FAA” and declared those aspects of AB 51 preempted by the FAA — in other words not enforceable.

What happened next? 

On October 20, 2021, the Chamber of Commerce filed a petition for en banc review by the Ninth Circuit. As a result of this petition being granted, the Ninth Circuit panel’s September 15, 2021, decision to vacate the district court’s preliminary injunction is stayed, and therefore AB 51’s ban on mandatory arbitration agreements is still enjoined pending the outcome of future rulings.

On February 14, 2022, the same three judge Ninth Circuit panel announced that the rehearing en banc will be deferred until the U.S. Supreme Court decides relevant issues in Viking River Cruises Inc. v. Moriana. This decision was also split with Judges Lucero and Fletcher making the majority, and Judge Ikuta dissenting.

In Viking, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether claims brought under California’s Private Attorneys General Act, which allows workers to sue on behalf of the state of California for labor law violations, can survive federal arbitration requirements. Viking is scheduled for oral arguments on March 30, 2022.

With all this litigation activity at the federal and state level, for the moment, the court’s injunction prohibiting enforcement on AB 51’s ban on mandatory arbitration agreements remains in effect.

Employers with mandatory arbitration provisions in their handbooks should examine their options with the aid of experienced employment counsel.

For additional reading on arbitration agreements, visit Federal Judge Extends Restraining Order Preventing Ban on Employment Arbitration Agreements (AB51) – Adishian Law; California 2020: Employee v. Independent Contractors, Wage and Hour, Arbitration, Discrimination and more – Adishian Law; Arbitration Clauses in Employment Agreements, California Lawyers (adishianlaw.com) and Legal Update: California 2020 – Adishian Law

Up next in our blog: President Joe Biden signed the “Ending of Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021 (EFASASHA).”

Adishian Law Group is pleased to announce that PI San Francisco has completed its sale to Predictive Index, LLC. Terms are confidential.

Owned and operated by our client, “PI San Francisco” was a leading Predictive Index Certified Partner helping leaders and managers of public and private companies throughout California optimize their recruiting and management. 

The Predictive Index was founded more than six decades ago, and in all that time, our mission has not changed. Our passion, inherited from our founder, is to understand people and teams—specifically what drives behaviors at work. Our quest, like yours, is to discover how to impact that behavior, ignite enthusiasm, and align business strategy with talent strategy.  Since 1955 we have honed the wisdom, guidance, and tools that help inspire employees be their most productive and engaged.

EL SEGUNDO, CA (November 1, 2021)— Adishian Law Group is pleased to announce that Adishian Law Group, P.C. and Adishian Capital were profiled in the current issue of Southbay Magazine.

Chris Adishian, Founder Adishian Law Group, PC Adishian Capital
Chris Adishian, Founder
Adishian Law Group, PC
Adishian Capital

As the magazine states, “Adishian Law Group advises clients in two main areas: businesses and business owners with revenues of $10 to $200 million, and clients who are active in commercial real estate. Owner Chris Adishian is rated “AV-Preeminent” by his peers, which designates attorneys who are ranked at the highest level of professional excellence for their legal expertise, communication skills and ethical standards. Adishian Capital provides property management and select brokerage services.”

How did the pandemic impact your business?

“2020 was a time of forced change and reflection. Our clients who navigated the pandemic most successfully marshaled the necessary resources—legal, financial, operational—to meet the challenges in front of them and also used the shutdowns to reflect upon their mission, goals and operations to be even better going forward.”

Tell us about some recent client success stories.

“This year we closed our largest mergers and acquisitions transaction to date: a health care deal at a near $180 million enterprise value. It was complex, with private equity and two national law firms. For another client, we served as borrower’s counsel on a $6 million term loan under the Federal Reserve’s Main Street Lending Program. We also recently represented a serial entrepreneur in the sale of his ownership interest to his partner.”

What is the most valuable skill you offer clients?

“My core skill set is along the lines of an ‘expert generalist.’ When we look at a challenge or opportunity, we start with legal expertise. To that we bring multidisciplinary experience in math, finance, strategy, governance and negotiation.”

What can our readers learn from your most successful clients?

“They are committed to improving their decision-making process in business and life. They understand that the two great equalizers are time and decisions. Over time, the compounded results from a good decision process (and avoiding the compounded result of a bad decision process) dwarf any legal fees. Quite often, the best decision is deciding to not do something.”

Three recent reads?

BuffettologyThinking, Fast and Slow; and Range.”

What are your favorite podcasts?

“I enjoy listening to The Knowledge Project by Shane Parrish, WTF by Marc Maron and ESPN’s 30 for 30.

BrandJump Announces Buyout of Co-Founders Jeff Skippon and Misty Skippon
LOS ANGELES — April 9, 2021 — BrandJump a leading ecommerce sales and marketing firm in the home furnishings industry, announced today that it has acquired Partner and Co-Founders Jeff and Misty Skippon’s interest in BrandJump, LLC.
Founded in 2014, the Los Angeles-based company has built a reputation for enhancing the online presence for their portfolio of brands across more than 50+ retail channels such as Wayfair, YDesign Group, Home Depot, and Amazon. Exclusively specializing in home furnishings and décor, BrandJump works with manufacturers in multiple categories, including furniture, decorative lighting, textiles, outdoor living and accessories.
Over the last 7 years, BrandJump has grown to a team of nearly 40 and prides itself on its talented team with deep industry experience coupled with its increasingly best-in-class technology. 
“I’m extremely grateful for our partnership and what we’ve built together over the last 7 years.  Jeff’s presence and guidance will be missed, though I’m excited about the next chapter for our company,” said Walter.
“Conceptualizing, creating, pioneering and being a part of building BrandJump into the unique business model that it is today has been one of the most rewarding business experiences of my life. I’m so very thankful for the privilege of coming to know the many wonderful people along the way,” said Skippon.
BrandJump is a Los Angeles-based ecommerce sales and marketing company, focused on bringing customized online strategies to manufacturers in the home furnishings space. BrandJump’s unique model delivers merchandising, content, and marketing expertise to optimize their clients’ online presence and drive revenue through internet retail channels. Founded in 2014, BrandJump’s team brings a rare blend of seasoned home furnishings experience with deep ecommerce knowledge to its client base. For more information visit www.brandjump.com.

During the covid-19 pandemic, our firm faced all the same challenges as our clients, while we worked to assist them in navigating the changes and challenges brought on by the pandemic.  We’re proud that we were able to continue delivering a high level of service to our clients throughout 2020.  

Firm Updates

During the past year, we also made significant changes at our firm. 

We Now Have Client Portals and Are 100% Cloud

“Re-Platfoming” happened here too.  In the fall of 2020, we migrated to a new practice management software platform after many years.  The new program is entirely cloud based, with user-friendly client features such as full Client Portals and integrated electronic document signing.  

Towards the end of last year, we migrated entirely off our own servers to a 100% Microsoft cloud environment.  While these migrations are always a project, it went fairly smoothly without interruption for our firm or clients.  It provides a highly-secure and flexible environment for us and our clients going forward.

We Launched A Refreshed AdishianLaw.com

We are excited to announce that in late 2020, after nearly six months of work, the new www.AdishianLaw.com website went live!  Our goals were to (1) modernize the navigation and flow to make it easier to find content and (2) update the look and feel.   We invite you to browse around, let us know how we did and connect with us if you have any suggestions. 

Practice Update 

Our practice is now heavily focused on advising clients and leading transactions in the areas of business, real estate and employment.  Over the past year, our firm has been very active in sell-side M&A assignments and financing transactions.  We expect the M&A activity to continue at a high rate as baby boomers retire or look to exit over the next decade, private equity funds sit on record amounts of cash and interest rates on cash remain close to zero.  Keep an eye out for highlighted transactions in upcoming newsletters.  

If you happen to have a legal matter outside our practice areas, we can often assist through our referral network of trusted attorneys. 

Observations From The Pandemic

“It is not about avoiding all crises, because you cannot”  

There is a quote that I’m fond of that is attributed to a former Nestle CEO: “We have crises and all that.  My job is not to manage the crisis.  My job is to make sure we have the capabilities of mastering them.” 

From its inception, the pandemic created a lot of uncertainty and chaos (and nobody knows what the delta or other variants may bring).  Our clients who navigated the pandemic most successfully embraced the truth of the above quote and acted upon it.  They focused on marshalling the necessary resources — legal, financial, operational — and rapidly adapting their business processes to weather the storm and be prepared when the pandemic abated.

“The pandemic highlighted enterprise financial fragility” 

The pandemic put a renewed emphasis on healthy, liquid balance sheets.  From late March 2020 through July 2020 a broad range of businesses were partially or completely shut down, some industry shutdowns lasted much, much longer.  The health crises became a financial crisis for many firms across the country, leading to business failures or severely weakened businesses.  Companies and organizations with a culture of healthy cash balances, conservative leverage and low cost operations were better able to survive the pandemic. 

The time to instill and maintain this culture is before the (next) crisis. 

“For investors and entrepreneurs the rate of change appears to be accelerating, and what seemed reliable became risky” 

A few examples….  For many years, residential real estate was seen as one of the safest, most reliable ways to build wealth.  During the pandemic, vacancies spiked and many tenants couldn’t or didn’t pay rent.  Prior to the pandemic, commercial real estate was one of the best performing asset classes.  During the pandemic, it was very painful to be a shopping center or commercial real estate owner.  Separate from the pandemic, minor league baseball was always viewed as a safe haven for nearly a century due to its alignment with Major League Baseball.  In 2020, MLB dropped forty teams from affiliation.  Some of these changes appear relatively short term while some appear permanent. 

Entrepreneuring has always been risky and the old saying, “the only constant is change” is even more true today.  The right team of advisors can help you de-risk your operations, prepare for the next change and take advantage of it when it comes.  

We hope that you have been able to stay healthy and safe during the pandemic and continue to do so during the reopening. 

We look forward to brighter days ahead which we are confident will bring their own challenges.  We’ll be here for you. 

We served as Borrower’s counsel on a $6,000,000 Main Street Loan under the Federal Reserve’s Main Street Lending Program.

Area of Law: Business

ALG Represented: Borrower

Transaction Type: Main Street Loan – $6,000,000, Five-year term loan

Year: 2020

Transaction Overview: Main Street Loans v. PPP: The Federal Reserve established the Main Street Lending Program (MSLP) to support lending to small and medium-sized for profit businesses and nonprofit organizations that were in sound financial condition before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Program terminated on January 8, 2021.

While, the MSLP was never as widely known as the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) it served a critical and different role — shoring up the capital base for previously profitable, financial sound businesses that suffered due to the pandemic. A simple, although not complete, way to compare the two programs is that PPP was designed to avoid massive layoffs by providing eligible enterprises money to pay salaries and retain employees. PPP money was to be received and spent within a relatively brief amount of time. Main Street Loans, on the other hand, were intended to shore up the capital base of eligible firms by making five-year loans to eligible businesses on favorable terms at a critical time when loans were scarce. Main Street Loans were fully collateralized by the business’ assets, personal guaranties from the owners and the owners’ assets.

Documents and Work. On behalf of our client, our firm led the legal work on the transaction from initial documents through Closing. This transaction involved the following documents: Credit Agreement, Term Note, Security Agreement, Pledge Agreement, Owner Guaranties, Deeds of Trust and certain MSLP specific documents along with other ancillary agreements.

A Distributed Transaction and Parties. In today’s legal practice, it is common for us to see parties spread out across several states. Here, the commercial bank lender was in North Carolina, their attorneys were in Minnesota, the Federal Reserve Bank was in Boston and our client is here in California. Over the last few years we are seeing more and more transactions with participants located outside of California who are eager to access the California market either by providing financing or acquiring.

Entrepreneuring is not for the faint of heart. There is a common anecdote that if most entrepreneurs knew at the outset what they would have had to go through to build and sell their business, many of them would have said, “No, thanks!” Creative problem solving, honesty, persistence, flexibility, prudent risk taking, faith and yes luck are just some of what you need to make it….everyday, every week and every year. We also think it helps to have a good law firm along the journey.

Roots in Banking. This financing transaction offered Chris, a former collegiate extern at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank and at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, the opportunity to represent the client in a transaction sponsored by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and administered through the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston via designated commercial bank lenders.

Client Update: Since the transaction closed in late 2020, the client’s business has rebounded sharply with the rise in vaccination rates and the return of economic activity. Less than two years into the loan term, the client has repaid half of the principal balance.

We are pleased to announce that Chris Adishian has been appointed to the Boards of Malaga Financial Corporation (OTC: MLGF) and Malaga Bank, FSB.  The full press release is included below.

Malaga Financial Corporation Announces the Retirement of Founding Director Leo Lee and Two New Appointments
to Its Board of Directors

September 11, 2020 13:31 ET Source: Malaga Financial Corp.

PALOS VERDES ESTATES, Calif., Sept. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Malaga Financial Corporation (OTCPink:MLGF) – Randy Bowers, Chairman of the Board and President/CEO, today announced the retirement of founding director, Leo Lee, from the Board of Directors of Malaga Financial Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiary Malaga Bank, FSB.

Mr. Bowers remarked, “We are extremely grateful to Mr. Leo Lee for his more than 35 years of service on the boards of both Malaga Financial Corporation and Malaga Bank. Mr. Lee’s wisdom and business judgment were invaluable to the success of the bank, including his term as Chairman of the Board in 2013-2014.”  Mr. Lee offers his resignation so he can attend to family matters in Taiwan, and will continue to be a part of the Malaga family and the bank he helped establish.

Bowers also announced the appointment of two new directors to the boards of both Malaga Financial Corporation and Malaga Bank, Herbert Ming Chang Lee and Christopher M. Adishian.

Mr. Herbert Ming Chang Lee has over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate development and management in Southern California markets, in addition to his background in investment analysis. He attended the University of California San Diego for his undergraduate degree in Economics and the University of California Irvine for his Master’s in Business Administration. Herbert has strong ties in the Palos Verdes community, having lived here most of his life, and is active in a number of community organizations.

Mr. Christopher M. Adishian joins Malaga Financial Corporation and Malaga Bank boards with impressive legal, financial, and investment experience, including his current legal practice, Adishian Law Group, and as a licensed California real estate broker. Christopher graduated with a degree in Mathematical Economics from University of California Berkeley and interned at the San Francisco Federal Reserve and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in Washington D.C. Mr. Adishian received his law degree from Loyola Law School and is a member of several local bar associations. Having grown up in Palos Verdes, Christopher remains involved in the South Bay community and is active in many community organizations.

“We are pleased to welcome Herbert and Chris as new directors,” said Bowers. “Their success and knowledge in their respective industries, along with their life-long connection to the community, complement the strengths of the current Directors. They will both be valuable additions to Malaga Financial Corporation and Malaga Bank, FSB as we continue to execute our business strategy.”

Malaga Bank, a subsidiary of Malaga Financial Corporation, is a full-service community bank headquartered on the Palos Verdes Peninsula with six offices located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.  Malaga Bank has been named by DepositAccounts.com as one of the Top 200 Healthiest Banks out of the 5,035 banks analyzed across the United States. A more detailed breakdown of Malaga Bank’s A+ health score may be found in the health section of its dedicated page at www.depositaccounts.com/banks/malaga-bank-fsb.html#healthFor over ten years Malaga Bank has been consistently recommended by one of the nation’s leading independent bank rating and research firms, Bauer Financial Inc.  Malaga Bank was awarded Bauer’s premier Top 5-Star rating for the 51st  consecutive quarter as of June 2020. Since 1985 Malaga has been delivering competitive banking services to residents and businesses of the South Bay, including real estate loan products custom-tailored to consumers and investors.  As the largest community bank in the South Bay, Malaga is proud of its continuing tradition of relationship-based banking and legendary customer service.  The Bank’s web site is located at www.malagabank.com.

Randy Bowers
                        Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer
                        Malaga Financial Corporation