Adishian Law Group and Adishian Capital Profiled in Southbay Magazine 2019 Trusted Advisors Issue

Adishian Law Group and Capital Investment

Left to Right: Cynthia Sun, Esq., Chris Adishian, Esq., Trevor Zeiler, Esq. (Not Pictured: Laura Mayer)

EL SEGUNDO, CA (November 15, 2019)— Adishian Law Group is pleased to announce that Adishian Law Group, P.C. and Adishian Capital were profiled in the Southbay Magazine 2019 Trusted Advisors Issue.

As the magazine states, “Adishian Law Group practices business, employment and real estate law. The firms work includes leading mission-critical transactions and litigation, and high-stakes employment cases involving highly compensated professionals. Adishian Capital is a licensed real estate brokerage that provides property management services and select brokerage services. Together the companies assist clients with all their real estate activities.  Owner Chris Adishian earned his math economics degree Berkeley, with a business minor from Haas School of Business and was a Dean’s Scholarship recipient at Loyola Law School.  He is rated an AV-Preeminent attorney by his peers”

What can our readers learn from your most successful clients?

“They are committed to improving their decision-making process in business and life. They understand that the two great equalizers are: time and decisions. Over time, the compounded results from a good decision process (and avoiding the compounded results of a bad decision process) dwarf any legal fees. Sometimes the best decision is deciding to not do something.”

What business lessons have you learned running your own companies?

“There are so many.  Here are some of the most important in our view:  setting the culture of the firm, recruiting/retaining the right people, working for clients we enjoy and of course, delivering the highest level professional service and advice.”

Why did you choose to work in this profession?

“When I graduated from law school, practicing law was the last thing on my mind.  I was fortunate to meet a number of outstanding individuals — some significantly more experienced that I was — who were kind, strong, wise, fair-minded, lived balanced lives, contributed significantly to their community and were financially comfortable.  They had one other thing in common:  all were lawyers running smaller practices.   Eventually that made a lot of sense to me.  This fall is our 16th anniversary.”

What is the best legal advice you ever received?

“I read this in a business book, probably long before I went to law school.  The more important term in the contract isn’t in the contract; it’s dealing with people who are honest.”

What are your favorite podcasts?

“During my commute, I enjoy listening to “The Knowledge Project,” “On Being” and “How I Built This.”

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