Adishian Law Group and Adishian Capital Profiled in Southbay Magazine 2017 Trusted Advisors Issue

EL SEGUNDO, CA (November 14, 2017)— Adishian Law Group is pleased to announce that Adishian Law Group, P.C. and Adishian Capital were profiled in the current issue of Southbay Magazine.

Southbay Magazine (November 2017)

As the magazine states, “Adishian Law Group practices business, employment and real estate law. The firm leads mission-critical transactions and litigation, with a focus on high-stakes employment cases involving highly compensated professionals. Adishian Capital is a licensed real estate brokerage that provides property management services and select brokerage services. Owner Chris Adishian earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematical economics at Berkeley and law degree from Loyola Law School.”

What’s most rewarding about your work?

“Our clients inspire us—they’re proven leaders in their industries and professions, and we’re privileged to work on their behalf.”

What can our readers learn from your most successful clients?

“They are committed to improving their decision-making process in business and life. They understand that the two great equalizers are: (1) time and (2) decisions. Over time, the compounded result of good decisions (and avoiding the compounded result of bad decisions) dwarfs any legal fees. Quite often the best decision is to ‘not do’ something. Making that decision is just as important as the decision to ‘do’ something.”

What is the most valuable skill you offer clients?

“My individual core skill set is along the lines of an ‘expert generalist’. When we look at a challenge or opportunity, we bring the legal expertise. That’s foundational. Along with our legal advice, we bring deep knowledge and multidisciplinary experience, which come together to inform the client’s business or litigation strategy and execution.”

Chris Adishian, Founder
Adishian Law Group, PC
Adishian Capital

What would you want potential clients to know about you?

“The law is ultimately a ‘helping’ profession, and that’s why we are here—to help our clients. We also have a tremendous amount of free informative content on our website and on our YouTube channel, to help anyone seeking to learn more about California law in the areas that we practice.”

What is unique about how your two firms work together?

“For clients active in real estate—owning, buying, selling, leasing or exchanging—our combination of a real estate law firm with an affiliated property management firm is unique. We can deliver tremendous value and provide relationship continuity.”

What are the last three books that you’ve read?

“Other than children’s books for my kids (laughing), ‘The Undoing Project’, ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ and ‘Business Adventures’. I frequently reference Warren Buffett’s ‘Owner’s Manual.’”

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