Why We Do It ….. ?

…Practice Law?

Our firm’s fundamental purpose is to use our skills to help make a difference in our clients’ lives. We exist to apply our skills, abilities and resources to help our clients achieve goals and results that they could not achieve on their own.

When Chris graduated from law school, practicing law was the last thing on his mind. Over the next 9 years or so, he was fortunate to meet a number of outstanding individuals, some significantly more experienced than he was, who were kind, strong, wise, fair-minded, lived balanced lives, contributed significantly to their community and were financially comfortable. They had one other thing in common: all were lawyers running smaller practices. Eventually, he was drawn to that life, and he started on that path in late 2003.

….Corporate and Business Law?

Business is in our DNA. Chris was raised in a family where both parents are entrepreneurs. Prior to starting Adishian Law Group, he worked at Arthur Andersen (at the time, the leading accounting firm in the United States), then Montgomery Securities (at the time, the leading investment bank for growth companies in the United States) and as a financial consultant. Financings, M&A, day-to-day, we get it, we’ve done it and we like using our skills and knowledge to advance our clients’ businesses.

….Employment Law?

Employment law is a fascinating area that has a profound impact on individuals, families, businesses and society as a whole. California has a unique body of law governing the employer-employee relationship when compared to virtually every other State in the Union. We enjoy “storming the castle” on behalf of individual clients who have been wronged economically and “left for dead” by their former employer. We also enjoy “defending the castle”, in the rare cases, when our corporate clients are threatened or sued by former employees.

….Real Estate Law?

Chris was drawn to real estate from a very young age, and his interest developed through college, law school and his early professional career. He was fortunate to have two great real estate teachers, Marvin Starr, Esq. at Cal, and Bill Coskran, Esq. at Loyola. At Montgomery, Chris worked on financings and M&A in the United States and Canadian Hotel Industries.  Today, in addition to being an expert California real estate attorney, Chris is a licensed California real estate broker, operates a separate property management company that manages over 100 units for clients (as of 9/2020) and owns investment property.

How We Do It

Since our beginnings in the fall of 2003, our practice has grown, and continues to grow through the trusted relationships we build with our clients. We are a relationship-driven firm. We work proactively to help our clients achieve their goals, while minimizing their exposure to risk. Our objective with every client is to earn their confidence, earn their respect and become their most trusted advisor and counselor.

Our standards of conduct:

  • Play to Win, Play Fair:  We play to win, within the lines.  No “win” or “fee” is worth compromising our integrity.
  • Fair-minded Professional Service: We aim to practice in a friendly, fair-minded, professional manner, striving always to deliver the highest level of professional service to our clients in a trusted manner.
  • We Love It When the Stakes Are High:  We embrace the challenges presented by high stakes transactions or litigation.
  • Solutions Focused:  We generate creative solutions founded on our decades of practical knowledge of what works and what does not work.

Our service points of differentiation are:

  • Representing Leaders:  Our clients are exceptional individuals, families and companies who are achievers in their chosen fields and value our services.
  • Trusted, Proven Network:  We are a growing trusted “network hub”, providing our clients with a single point of contact for all of their legal needs relating to the State of California. Every client has access to, and benefits from, our trusted, proven network of talented professionals, companies and other firm resources.
  • Technology Forward:  We are technology-forward, leveraging the latest technology to deliver our legal services in the most efficient manner.
  • International and Cross-Border Experience:  The world is getting smaller. We are international, advising overseas clients on inbound activities and advising California clients on outbound activities in foreign jurisdictions.
  • Direct Attorney Involvement:  We provide direct attorney involvement on every client matter, supplemented as appropriate by paralegals, law clerks and staff; and
  • Personalized, 24 hour access: We provide highly personalized, responsive service to our clients — clients have twenty-four hour access to our attorneys.

What We Do?

Adishian Law Group, P.C. provides quality legal representation in the following areas:

Business Law: We provide General Counsel corporate law services to our clients — many of whom are leaders within their respective industries. Every leader needs a general, and that’s the role of the General Counsel. Our attorneys handle all the business’ legal matters, so that the owner(s) and management can focus on growing the business. Please visit our Case Studies page to see some representative corporate client matters, then contact us for a free consultation to talk about how we can help you.

Employment Law:  We represent very highly compensated executive-level employees in wrongful termination or other employment related actions against “Fortune 500” public companies, as well as very successful privately held companies. We also advise our corporate clients on best practices to avoid litigation, and defend them from lawsuits when they arise. We encourage you to visit our Case Studies page to see some representative client employment matters, then contact us for a free consultation to talk about how we can help you.

Real Estate Law: Our real estate attorneys have a broad and deep knowledge of real estate law, spanning transactions and litigation. Please visit our Case Studies page to see some representative client real estate matters, then contact us for a free consultation to talk about how we can help you. Chris Adishian is also available to serve as a Mediator for parties interested in seeking dispute resolution options outside of the civil courtroom. If this page describes the law firm that you would like on your team, give us a call. We look forward to meeting you.

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