Professional Services

Christopher M. Adishian, Esq., Founder

Trusted, tech-savvy, creative “quant” generalist, deep experience in high-stakes business, real estate and employment matters. [Full Bio]

Kush R. Nagin, Esq., Associate

J.D. University of San Diego; B.A. Political Science and Government from U.C. San Diego. [Full Bio]

The Adishian Law Office Network

We believe our firm has deployed a forward looking set of powerful tools (hardware, software and internal) that apply AI and systems to optimize the delivery of our professional services for our clients’ benefit. We view our tools, processes and frameworks as a competitive advantage that assists our team and benefits our clients by making our professional service delivery more efficient, consistent and effective. We are also a “paperless” office, except where paper is necessary, and have been since we started in 2003.

Our Professional Network

All our clients have access to our trusted, professional network, built over the past 20 years, and which continues to grow daily. This includes access to dozens of qualified, competent, trustworthy specialist attorneys at large and small firms in areas such as Personal Bankruptcy, Corporate Bankruptcy, Bicycle Accidents, Criminal Law, Family Law, General Personal Injury, Business Immigration, Intellectual Property, Internet, Venture Financing, Wills and Trusts. We also have a vast database of service and product providers to assist our clients with their non-legal needs.

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