Risk Management and Insurance

If you are an entrepreneur, you need to understand risk management and Insurance.  Risk management and insurance knowledge is essential for any business owner, asset owner or executive charged with running the enterprise.

Are you a small business? These days that is generally viewed as any business below $50M in annual revenue.  Are you insured? The answer is always YES. The question is how…

If you have not purchased insurance, then you are “self-insured” – essentially relying on a combination of faith, your business cash flow and assets, and your personal cash flow and assets. Once you have a business of any size, it is wise to defend that business and cash flow with a combination of law and insurance. The foundation of a long term successful business is growing, recurring cash flows. Your cash flow cannot grow if it is always paying liabilities, and it won’t recur if one of the liabilities put you out of business.

Two components of your business advisory team should be a solid business lawyer and an experienced commercial insurance agent.

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