Former North American Sales Director Sues Epicor Software Corporation:  Suit Highlights Age Discrimination, Failure to Prevent Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Unfair Competition and Failure to Pay Wages.

EL SEGUNDO, CA (September 18, 2015) Franklin Tedford (“Ted”) Kelley, Jr., a 57 year old male, recently filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Epicor Software Corporation.  The suit accuses the defendant of age discrimination, failure to prevent discrimination, wrongful termination, unfair competition and failure to pay wages.

According to the Complaint, Ted’s performance placed him in “the company’s elite “Circle of Excellence.”   The Complaint goes on to allege that under the guise of a “company reorganization”, the company had “campaign to isolate Ted from the same accounts he had brilliantly managed….in an attempt to for Ted – an older, highly paid, long-term employee  – to resign.”   When Ted refused to resign, the Complaint alleges that the Company “cancel[ed] his recurring commissions….and raised Ted’s 2015 quota to…more than three times his 2014 quota…and, thereafter, again raised Ted’s 2015 quota”.  According to the Complaint, following these and other actions alleged in the Complaint, the Company terminated Ted as “North American sales director” due to alleged “position elimination”.

“The notion that a hugely successful software company has suddenly decided that it will no longer need a ‘North American sales director’ is certainly interesting.  Taking them at their word, it seems that the Company will no longer be selling its software in North America. We’re eager to commence discovery to discover, among other things, whether facts support that as being true or it is just a pretext.” says Chris Adishian

The lawsuit seeks damages for lost wages, benefits and career opportunities, special damages, punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees and costs. Epicor has removed the case to the United States District Court, Central District of California in Los Angeles.  Click here for a copy of the Complaint.

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