Have you been wrongfully terminated from your job? Are you not sure? Some questions you should consider: (a) Are you owed salary, commissions or bonuses? (b) Was there proper notice for your firing? (c) Was there a bad motive for the firing (i.e. discrimination, retaliation, etc.)? (d) Are you unsure of these answers? Employment law in California is complex, confusing and constantly evolving. It touches on the most fundamental and emotionally charged issues of fairness and honesty. It is well documented that a loss of employment often has devastating effects, financially, emotionally and psychologically for the individual and his or her family….regardless of how much money he or she was earning. Since our founding, we have represented employees in a wide range of employment related claims. These cases can involve claims of failure to pay bonuses, breach of contract, fraud in the inducement, discrimination, harassment, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, non-competition agreement, unfair competition and other claims. If you have questions about your hiring, pending termination or actual termination, please take advantage of our FREE online case submission.

  • Have you been wrongfully terminated? How would you know?
  • Are you about to be wrongfully terminated? What should you do? How would you know
  • Does your employer owe you money (bonuses, commissions, wages, over time, etc.)?
  • Did your employer breach its contract for severance?
  • Did you employer breach its written contract with you? breach an oral contract?
  • Did you employer discriminate against you on the basis of your membership in a protected class (e.g. race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, disability/medical condition, marital status, sex, age or sexual orientation)?
  • Did you employer harass you?
  • Did you employer retaliate against you?
  • Did your employer fraudulently induce you to work for the Company?
  • Have you been constructively discharged?
  • Have you been relocated into or out of California based upon employer misrepresentations?
  • Has your employer engaged in “unfair competition”?

If you are a California resident we can represent you in your wrongful termination claims regardless of where the company is headquartered in the United States. Similarly, if you are outside of California, we can represent you in your wrongful termination claims and the company is located inside California. Many times clients and potential clients do not even realize that they have valid claims because they have been told that California is an “at will” employment state. Our typical client is a talented business professional, who is a high wage earner (with a high 6 or 7 figure salary), with accompanying bonuses, car allowances, stock options, and other forms of incentive compensation as well. He or she is typically in C-Suite executive, VP or Director or other executive level position of authority within their company and a “known-name” in their industry. We litigate against large, privately held companies as well as large scale publicly traded companies (e.g. Fortune 500, Fortune 100). We go up against the biggest, most well-known law firms in the country with professional respect but without fear. Combining legal, finance, economics and mathematical expertise and creativity, we generate value for our clients and are able to fashion favorable solutions with adversaries despite very difficult, chaotic, emotionally charged circumstances.

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DEFENDED multi-million dollar privately owned computer dealer and its owners who were threatened with business and personal bankruptcy by its "partner", one of the largest software companies on the planet.




10 months


Pre-litigation private mediation

Represented Acquiring Company in breach of warranty and representation suit against Seller


Settled low six figures


14 months


Attorney to attorney negotiation during litigation

Defended our client against claims of breach of settlement agreement (not ours), including claims brought against entity defendant and two member-owners, alleging breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract (alternate defendant) and breach of contract - third party beneficiary.




18 months


Settled via 3rd party mediation


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