Failing to stay in compliance can expose your company to severe liability and be very costly.

What is compliance?

Compliance is not sexy, but failing to handle it properly or make a timely filing may expose your company to penalties or legal liability and be very costly. A compliance failure may even cause you to lose the corporate shield, exposing you to personal liability based on an “alter ego’ theory. In order to maintain a business enterprise legally, you must comply with increasing and/or changing set of regulations: federal, state and city.

How can Adishian Law help?

We’ve helped many leading companies understand what they need to do to stay in compliance and help correct past errors. We just might be able to assist you. We invite you to meet Chris Adishian.

What are some of Adishian Law’s compliance services?

  • Annual Board of Directors meetings and minutes;
  • Annual Shareholder meetings and minutes;
  • Resolutions;
  • Permitting;
  • Licenses;
  • Statements of Information;
  • Franchise Tax Board;
  • Revisions to ByLaws, Operating Agreements or Partnership Agreements;
  • Written Company Policies;
  • Audit opinion letters re: pending or threatened litigation;
  • and many others

Our clients cover a wide range of businesses and industries, including: alternative energy/solar; auto collision repair; communications/pr; content creation (films, animation, CDs); consulting; distribution; investment banking; investment research and information; medical practices (Health care, Stark); product design/manufacturing/licensing; real estate brokerage; real estate development; commercial real estate ownership; residential real estate ownership; restaurant owner/operators; software development and web services.

Where can we learn more?

To see more examples, please visit our Case Studies and Testimonials.

How do we contact Adishian Law?

Please take advantage of our FREE online case submission or call us today to start a conversation.

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