Adishian Law Group Profiled in Southbay Magazine 2013 Trusted Advisors Issue

EL SEGUNDO, CA (May/June, 2013)— Adishian Law Group is pleased to announce that attorney Chris Adishian was profiled in the Southbay Magazine 2013 Trusted Advisors issue.

As the magazine states, “Your lawyer may be the most important person on your professional team. Whether your legal issue is large or small, a good attorney will inform you about your options and work with you to select the best alternatives…On the following pages we feature some of the South Bay’s most trusted minds in the field of law, many of them well-known for their innovative solutions and top-notch client care. Read on…” The reproduced text of the article follows.

Chris Adishian is a local kid from Palos Verdes Estates, who moved away after high school to explore the world and eventually came home to the South Bay. He graduated from law school in 1994 and worked outside the field for about nine years as a tax professional, investment banker and financial consultant. He started Adishian Law Group in 2003, practicing in the areas of Corporate, Employment and Real Estate law. Based in El Segundo, the firm also has satellite offices in Palo Alto and San Francisco. Chris enjoys spending time with his family (he and his wife are expecting their second child in May), travelling and practicing martial arts and yoga.

What’s most rewarding about your work?

“When our clients express their appreciation to us for making a major positive difference in their businesses, their careers, their investments and ultimately their lives.”

What is the biggest benefit your clients gain from working with you?

“In response to a similar question on Inside the Actors Studio, Christopher Walken said something like, ‘You know, there are a lot great actors, but if you need that “Christopher Walken-type guy,” there is really only one option.’ The same is true in law.”

“We aim to be a force for good.”

What skills are most necessary to be a successful lawyer?

“A Berkeley study identified factors like ‘situational judgment,’ ‘dispositional optimism’ and ‘emotion recognition.’ We agree. We would add creative problem-solving capabilities and a high tolerance for chaos and ambiguity.”

What would you like potential clients to know about you?

“We aim to be a force for good. We willingly embrace the challenges presented by high-stakes transactions or litigation. We believe that our transactional and litigation experience, breadth of professional experience, network and resources are of unique, high value to our clients.”

Why did you choose this profession?

“When I graduated from law school, practicing law was the last thing on my mind. I was fortunate to meet a number of outstanding individuals, some significantly more experienced than I was, who were kind, strong, wise, fair-minded, lived balanced lives, contributed significantly to their community and were financially comfortable. They had one other thing in common: all were lawyers running smaller practices. Eventually, that made a lot of sense to me. It is hard to believe that this fall will be the firm’s 10th anniversary.”

(To read the magazine version click here. To view the article on the South Bay Magazine website, click here.)

About Adishian Law Group, P.C.

Adishian Law Group is a California law firm with a statewide practice in the areas of Corporate law, Employment law, Real Estate law and Mediation Services. is one of the oldest continually operating law firm websites on the Internet. The firm serves its clientele via three offices located in the major business hubs of El Segundo, Palo Alto and San Francisco. As of March 2013, Adishian Law Group, P.C. has represented individual and corporate clients located across 20 California counties, 4 States outside of California and 9 foreign countries — in over 340 legal matters.

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