Adishian Law Group Profiled in Southbay Magazine 2015 Trusted Advisors Issue

EL SEGUNDO, CA (November 9, 2015)— Adishian Law Group is pleased to announce that attorney Chris Adishian was profiled in the Southbay Magazine 2015 Trusted Advisors Issue.

Southbay Magazine (November 2015)

As the magazine states, “Behind every successful individual and company, you’ll likely find a trusted advisor-or a team of them. Professional experts inform you about your options, help you explore new ideas and discover solutions, and work with you to navigate the road ahead. It’s essential to select a proficient team of trusted advisors when making decisions that impact you, your business, your home and your family….”

Adishian Law Group practices corporate, real estate and employment law. Their work includes leading mission-critical transactions and litigation, and high-stakes employment cases involving highly compensated professionals. Their affiliated property management firm, Adishian Capital, provides ‘family office’ real estate capabilities, giving clients relationship continuity across all their real estate activities. Owner Chris Adishian, raised in Palos Verdes, started the firm in 2003.

Chris Adishian
Chris Adishian, Founder
Adishian Law Group, PC
Adishian Capital
Tell us a client success story.

“It was a typical Friday afternoon when we got the call: our soon-to-be client had filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint alleging wrongful termination, was scheduled for Mediation in just five days and had no attorney! The employer was a huge, privately held software company represented by one of the world’s largest law firms. Our staff worked all weekend building the case using our software tools and drafting the mediation brief. At mediation, all parties began relying on our work product and timeline of events to evaluate the case. The mediation concluded with our client receiving a very favorable settlement (after having been terminated with zero compensation). More stories are available on our blog.”

What question or concern do you frequently hear from clients?

“From business owners: ‘Can you review/negotiate this contract for me?’ or ‘I’ve been sued by a former employee.’ or ‘An employee went out on leave. What do I do?’ or ‘How do I prevent myself from being sued?’ or ‘I’m ready to sell my business.’ From executives and professionals: ‘I’ve been wrongfully terminated/ discriminated against.’ or ‘I’m owed a lot of money.’ From real estate clients: ‘My tenant (commercial) has sued me.’ or ‘We want to buy this building.’ or ‘How do we (re)negotiate our lease?’ or ‘Can you manage our properties so we can focus on our business?’”


Prior to starting his law firm, Chris worked at Arthur Andersen and Montgomery Securities in San Francisco.

Tell us something unique about your business.

“For clients active in real estate – owning, buying, selling, leasing or exchanging –our combination of a real estate law firm with an affiliated property management firm is unique.”

How do you advise your clients to achieve and maintain success?

“Our clients are already successful – they are proven leaders in their industries and professions. They are proactive, smart, kind, risk-takers and survivors. We’re privileged to be selected as their law firm.”

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