California Attorney and Real Estate Broker Chris Adishian answers the question, “How do I select good tenants? Evict bad tenants?” at the South Bay Association of Realtors’ event, “Commercial Attorney Panel-Hot Legal Issues for Commercial Real Estate” on March 5, 2014.


Question: “How do I select a good tenant and how do I get rid of a bed tenant?”

Answer: “In my property management company, we have a lot of commercial properties and commercial tenants and we also have residential. But folks, my answer is going to be primarily commercial here and I’m happy to answer questions about residential later.

But the things you want to do on the commercial side are to do a credit check obviously, maybe run a background check even, you may need to get their consent. But there are services any good law firm or property management firm can access which will allow you to receive: ‘Was there a prior bankruptcy? What’s their credit score?’ They should voluntarily give that to you.

And then you can look at the business: ‘Is this a viable business? Is it an In-n-Out Burger going in there or is it Mable’s Bead Shop? And how much rent are they paying?’ The branded chain tenants are sort of the highest probability of being able to fulfill the lease obligation in general, and the ‘Ma and Pa’ one-off stores are a little risky. But you’ve got to look at each one on a case-by-case basis, see what kind of assets they have behind them, you can ask for bank statements and those sorts of things. If you do those steps in conjunction with your leasing agent and call on his/her experience, that would be a pretty good way to start so you don’t have a tenant who moves in with a lot of promises and then stops paying rent after 2 months.”

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