Overcharged for CAMS

California Attorney and Real Estate Broker Chris Adishian answers the question, “How can I tell if I am being overcharged for CAMS?” at the South Bay Association of Realtors’ event, “Commercial Attorney Panel-Hot Legal Issues for Commercial Real Estate” on March 5, 2014.


Question: “So how do I know I wasn’t overcharged for the CAM?”

Answer: “This is a question that comes up all the time. In your standard commercial lease, there’s usually a provision that the Landlord, either on his own has reporting duty or at the request of the tenant, is required to provide a reasonable accounting of the CAMS: what was actually paid by the tenant versus what was actually incurred by the Landlord.

And then there’s usually an adjustment, either a credit back to the tenant or actually sometimes a surcharge because the Landlord was undercharging versus what actually happened during the year. To be safe, as a tenant, at the end of every year, you want to ask the Landlord to provide that reconciliation to you.

And usually it takes the Landlord a couple months after the year end to do that when he’s closing his books and finalizing the numbers. But that should be a reasonable request and any Landlord that doesn’t respond to that request, you should be somewhat suspect of that. But it is the tenant’s responsibility, usually, to request it; Landlords won’t necessarily always provide it to you.”

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