Keys to Success in the Legal Profession

Adishian Law Group, P.C. founder and California Attorney Chris Adishian answers to what Adishian Law Group attributes their success in the legal industry.


We’ve earned a reputation for being friendly, truthful, fair minded, and respectful. This extends to our clients, judges, vendors, court clerks, opposing parties, and opposing party’s counsel. And as a result, we’re often able to close deals on the transaction side, and resolve litigated disputes, even very contentious ones, and still build relationships with the parties across from us. Now, I can’t tell you that it works every time. There are some people that just don’t share the same approach, and don’t share the same values. But we’re able to, quite often, and we always do our best to maintain good, respectful relationships with everybody involved. And in fact, a number of our clients were formally across the table from us in a transaction, and then later came around to ask us to represent them. And our former opposing counsel and litigation are sometimes our best referral sources for future work.


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