Evictions, Revisited

This is our latest installment regarding evictions. In this video about evictions, California Attorney and Real Estate Broker Chris Adishian answers the question, “Is there an expedited legal procedure for evictions?” at the South Bay Association of Realtors Commercial Attorney Panel on June 2, 2015.


I want to call attention to the fact that the eviction process, whether commercial or residential, is a totally different track than standard civil litigation. Standard civil litigation in LA County, you’re looking at probably 2 years to trial, plus or minus a little bit. A lot of cases settle, you just don’t know where they’ll settle in those two years.

To your point of well, the term is up, and our society says, we’re going to give you – this is life liberty property, this is property – we’re going to give you an expedited procedure in civil court. Now, I don’t know James, how often is it actually 20 days? And then, even if it is in 20 days, James is still telling you “It’s really expensive”.

So, I just want to call that out: there is an expedited procedure for evictions and it runs differently than standard civil litigation.


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