End of Lease

What happens at the end of the lease? At the end of the does the tenant move out automatically? What if the tenant does not move out at the end of the lease? California Attorney and Real Estate Broker Chris Adishian answers the question, “If the lease ends, doesn’t the tenant have to move out?” at the South Bay Association of Realtors Commercial Attorney Panel on June 2, 2015.


One, the gentleman back there said, “Well, what if the term of the lease has ended?” And, that’s sort of the distinction in our society and our system of justice between your contractual right and what you need to do to actually enforce this contract. There’s the contract, and then there’s enforcement. So that’s one distinction I wanted to call your attention to. You may have all the rights in the world, but you still need to enforce them – and that enforcement involves costs and time and risk.


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