67 Year Old, Former Sr. Manager, Global Security Operations Sues Ebay, PayPal


67 year old, Former Senior Manager, Global Security Operations Sues Ebay, Inc, PayPal, Inc. and PayPal Holdings, Inc.:  Suit Highlights Age Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Failure to Provide Accommodation, Failure to Engage in an Interactive Process, Failure to Prevent Discrimination, Retaliation and Wrongful Termination.

EL SEGUNDO, CA (January 5, 2016) George Booth, a 67 year old male, recently filed suit in Santa Clara Superior Court against Ebay, Inc., PayPal, Inc. and PayPal Holdings, Inc.  The suit accuses defendants of age discrimination, disability discrimination, failure to provide accommodation, failure to engage in an interactive process, failure to prevent discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination.

According to the Complaint, George was originally hired in 1999 and became a recognized expert in corporate security.  The Complaint goes on to allege that “George was further honored in 2014 by Security 500 when he was listed as on of the organization’s ‘enterprises and security leaders’ considered to be ‘amount the biggest best security organizations in the world.'”  According to the Complaint, six months prior to his wrongful termination “eBay awarded George a substantial monetary gift, ‘as a token of the company’s thanks for his efforts’…with the proviso that George ‘stick with eBay’ until he decided to retire.”  Yet, according to the Complaint, when George was hospitalized to treat a spike in blood pressure “due to his prior …heart attack”,  the Company terminated him only 2 days later.   The Complaint also alleges that prior to his wrongful termination, his boss, “reassigned George’s primary responsibility for Corporate Data Centers and the two corporate headquarters in San Jose to ….a 30 year-year old former dishwasher.”

“George was in multiple protected classes at the time of his termination.  There are laws governing the process for terminating an employee suffering from a disability, and apparently none of them were followed here.  We’re eager to commence discovery to determine discover, among other things, why a 67 old employee, with a 16 year stellar employment record, who was just recognized as one of a ‘very small, select group” to receive a retention bonus was suddenly terminated.” says Chris Adishian

The lawsuit seeks damages for lost wages, benefits and career opportunities, special damages, punitive damages, interest, and attorneys’ fees and costs.  Based on an arbitration agreement signed on by Mr. Booth, the parties have stipulated to have the case resolved via arbitration conducted by JAMS.  Click here for a copy of the Complaint.

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