69 Year Old, Decorated U.S. Army Colonel (Ret.) Files Age Discrimination Lawsuit Against Cubic Corporation


69 year old, Decorated U.S. Army Colonel (Ret.) Sues Cubic Corporation and Related Entities:  Suit Highlights Retaliatory Discharge; FEHA Retaliation, Age Discrimination, Harassment, Failure to Prevent Discrimination and Wrongful Termination.

EL SEGUNDO, CA (February 22, 2016) William V. Wenger, a 69 year old male, and Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.) recently filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Cubic Corporation and Related Entities.  The suit accuses defendants of whistleblower retaliation, FEHA retaliation, age discrimination,  harassment, failure to prevent discrimination and wrongful termination.

According to the Complaint, during his distinguished 45 plus year career in the military Col. William V. Wenger (Ret.)  received multiple decorations including 3 Bronze Stars, and was a nationally recognized military expert having graduated and taught at the prestigious Army War College.

Cubic hired Bill to join the staff at the Georgian Armed Forces  Command.  The Complaint goes on to allege that “no employee….had more Joint Service experience in uniform…., more higher-level command time or year in command nor more military and civilian education than Bill.”  It goes on to allege that he received “2-1/2 years of exemplary teaching reviews” before being told by a younger male supervisor that a “perception had…developed…that Bill suddenly….was not sufficiently knowledgeable in the subject matter.”  The Complaint goes on to Bill properly lodged a “formal written complaint with Bill Craven (“Craven”), CUBIC’s Program Manager….on CUBIC’s ‘Employee Complaint Notice’ form”, yet no action was taken.  The Complaint alleges that Bill subsequently “additionally lodged specific complaints about CUBIC’s C&GSC program…which directly violated specific requirements of the Statement of Work as enumerated in CUBIC’s C&GSC contract W91 CRB-14-C-0020-CGSC with the U.S. government.”  As alleged in the Complaint, a few short weeks later he was terminated.

“In many ways, Col. William V. Wenger (Ret.) embodies those Americans who have served their country honorably, with distinction and most humbly.  We’re eager to commence discovery to determine whether Col. Wenger (Ret.) truly was not “sufficiently knowledgeable” or if Defendants’ stated rationale was merely a pre-text to cover up a wrongful termination based upon his age and/or in retaliation for his proper complaints her lodged regarding Cubic’s conduct, including but not limited to its alleged non-compliance with U.S. government contracts” says Chris Adishian.

The lawsuit seeks damages for lost wages, benefits and career opportunities, special damages, punitive damages, interest, and attorneys’ fees and costs.   Click here to read a copy of the Complaint.

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